HEAT+ Harmonized Emissions Analysis Tool plus


What is HEAT+?

The Harmonized Emissions Analysis Tool plus (HEAT+) is ICLEI’s multilingual online emissions inventory tool to help local governments to account Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHGs), Common Air Pollutants (CAP) and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).


Why HEAT+?

HEAT+ helps Local Governments to make informed climate action decisions and identify the most effective measures in emissions and pollutant abatement.

Benefits of HEAT+

HEAT+ enables Local Governments to:

  • Save money.
  • Improve air quality.
  • Mitigate global warming.
  • Protect public health.
  • Monitor performance.

Key features

On one single platform, HEAT+ enables cities and towns to:

  • Prepare a baseline inventory
  • Forecast future emissions, e.g. Business-as-Usual (BAU) scenario
  • Determine priorities
  • Prepare action plans
  • Track commitments
  • Measure and quantify progress against targets through monitoring
  • Inform policy decisions
  • Report “scope” differentiated results
  • Report to the international reporting platform for cities – carbonn Climate Registry (cCR)


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