GreenClimateCities Program A pathway to urban low-carbon development


What is GreenClimateCities?

ICLEI’s GreenClimateCities (GCC) program supports local communities that are on the front lines addressing the challenges and opportunities of urban growth, exploring their green economy and green infrastructure, and pursuing a low-emission development trajectory. The GCC methodology is a 9 step process offering access to tools, instruments, best practices and process management support.

The GCC offers:

  • Process guidance and a framework tailor-made to local government requirements, to guide and support them on how to analyze, act and accelerate by integrating low emission development into urban development policies, plans and processes
  • Flexible, proven approach to accommodate different contexts, allowing any city, town, metropolis or district to engage at its own pace 
  • Measuring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) process to demonstrate local commitment, capacity and results
  • Wide range of tools and guidance to support effective delivery of local climate action, supported by multi-disciplinary expertise, capacity building and peer exchange opportunities
  • Global network of cities and towns committed to tackling climate change and sustainable development, focusing on people, policy, finance and technology
  • Guidance on ways to improve local-national dialogue and cooperation to enhance climate action in-country

Why GCC?

Climate change is a reality. Local leadership has been key to the global response to this challenge, and the continued proactive engagement of cities worldwide is imperative.

The GCC takes local planning and action to the next level. The world applauded the lofty goals and global resolution at COP21 in Paris, and GCC is the most effective way for cities to implement that agreement. It can support the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). Our main strategy is to uphold and  enhance our established values, goals, and mode of operation. We offer new ideas and innovation while expanding on proven success and good practices.

Benefits of GCC

From low-emission to carbon neutrality, the GCC supports scaling up efforts, meeting global standards, reporting to a global platform, improving and tracking performance.

Through the GCC process, your local government is empowered to:

  • Develop institutional capacity for Low Emission Development
  • Enhance an understanding of local potentials and strengths
  • Create or adapt processes and structures to integrate Low Emission Development into urban planning, policies and projects across sectors and municipal departments
  • Engage and empower stakeholders in a meaningful, inclusive way
  • Approve an effective strategy to meet objectives and targets
  • Strengthen enabling conditions by adopting/ adapting policies and regulations
  • Introduce mechanisms for delivery of programs and projects over time
  • Improve monitoring and reporting capacity
  • Demonstrate results and progress in a transparent and credible way

Any local government may join this program. To explore how this works, please contact your regional ICLEI office:

Download the GCC Program brochure in:






GCC Methodology

Main Tools and Resources

  • Global Protocol for Community-scale Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventories (GPC)
  • Measuring, Reporting, Verification (MRV) framework and checklists 
  • Stakeholders and consultation tool
  • Low emission scenarios and priority identification tools
  • Greenhouse gas quantification software with GHG inventory and action planning functions and
  • Solutions Gateway including guidance on selecting appropriate financing models
  • Pool of Experts
  • The carbonn® Climate Registry, the global reporting platform on local and subnational climate action

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