What is EcoMobility?

Have you ever sat in traffic, wondering why you have to take your car to work every day? Have you ever wondered why our cities cannot find a solution to get rid of traffic jams? Do you suspect that we could all save time, money, and energy if we found a more efficient way to commute?

Faster routes and means of travel for our everyday activities, liveable city centers where children can play outside, public spaces where elders can meet each other and discuss their day—EcoMobility aims to make our cities like this through proper transport options.

EcoMobility is travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options, including and integrating walking, cycling, wheeling, and passenging. By enabling citizens and organizations to access goods, services, and information in a sustainable manner, EcoMobility supports citizens’ quality of life, increases travel choices, and promotes social cohesion.

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EcoMobility SHIFT

Cities around the world implement various projects to improve the urban mobility situation and deliver a quality transportation system for the citizens. In many cases the quality of the system is measured in isolation or for a specific project. In order to enable the city to have a complete overview of the transport performance and thus deliver a transport system with high quality, a measuring tool is required.

EcoMobility SHIFT attempts to fill the need of many cities to identify their current transport performance. By implementing the SHIFT tool, cities measure their existing transport performance and identify the areas for improvement. Upon obtaining a certain score the city has the option to get its performance audited by a certified external auditor. Once the audit is completed the city becomes eligible to receive an EcoMobility label, thus enabling the city to measure its performance again other cities in the region and throughout the world.

EcoMobility SHIFT, a total quality management scheme for cities, was developed by ICLEI and 7 other partners. The project was funded by the European Commission as a part of the IEE funding scheme. More information on the EcoMobility SHIFT Scheme and to implement the scheme in your city, visit:



EcoMobility World Festival

The EcoMobility World Festival is an opportunity for a city and its citizens to experience an automobile-free lifestyle for a month. The project aims to transform a neighborhood of a city into a car-free area and thus give the experience of an ecomobile lifestyle to the residents of this neighborhood.

The world first EcoMobility World Festival was conducted in Suwon, South Korea under the strong and visionary leadership of Mayor Yeom. The residents of Haenggung-dong neighborhood in Suwon, South Korea adopted for the whole month of September 2013 an ecomobile lifestyle. They experienced how EcoMobility can influence their lives positively, providing innovative and environmentally friendly transport options to all – irrespective of age, gender or physical ability.

The EcoMobility World Festival is a testament for strong leadership and willingness to reclaim the city from automobiles for people.

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EcoMobility Alliance

The EcoMobility Alliance was founded in October 2011 at the EcoMobility Changwon 2011 Congress in Changwon, Korea. The EcoMobility Alliance brings together cities with strong willingness to provide urban mobility that meets the needs of people. Through these vibrant cities in the Alliance, strong leadership is showcased, paving an EcoMobility path for others.

Through collective learning exercises, peer-to-peer exchanges, and joint activities, Alliance Cities support each other in reaching their targets. An Alliance Secretariat along with a group of Partners from business, transport, and governmental sectors, supports the Alliance Cities through expertise, experience, and technologies. The Alliance is a network jointly established by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and Changwon City, South Korea, who generously funds the Alliance from 2012 until 2015.

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EcoMobility Congress Series

The EcoMobility Congress series enables international actors, united through mutual interest in sustainable transportation, to come together to share good practices and spark synergies in a setting that promotes creative collaboration, local initiatives and the EcoMobility agenda.

The EcoMobility Congress series was inaugurated in 2011 in Changwon, Rep. of Korea by Mayor Park Wan-Su. This congress also started the EcoMobility Alliance.

To find out more on the last EcoMobility Congress, held in Suwon, South Korea, visit the EcoMobility 2013 Suwon Congress website.



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