ICLEI Networks and Communities

ICLEI encompasses a number of networks and communities: networks of local governments that facilitates  city-to-city cooperation; thematic networks that  bring together cities leading the way on key sustainability issues like renewable energy, and transportation; and communities bringing together ICLEI Members who share common situations. 

List of Networks

EcoMobility Alliance

EcoMobility is ICLEI’s global campaign on sustainable urban transport. By joining the alliance, Members have access to regular congresses, reports and publications on implementation of EcoMobility strategies. Find out more at www.ecomobility.org/alliance/

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100% Renewable Energy Cities & Regions Network

The 100%RE Cities & Regions Network brings together leading cities, towns and regions that are driving the transition towards 100% Renewable Energy, in a global community of practice to facilitate peer-learning and accelerate progress. The 100%RE Cities & Regions Network is part of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Campaign. The Network is inclusive and open to all ambitious cities, towns, and regions setting their course towards 100% Renewable Energy and demonstrating that it is possible to realize this vision. 

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Procura+ Exchange

Consisting of an online platform, conference series and seminars, Procura+ Exchange is a free information and exchange mailing (email) list providing the latest information on new policies, upcoming events and project opportunities for professionals interested in sustainable public procurement.

Visit here for more information.

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List of Communities

Community for Towns, Cities and Provinces of Small Islands Developing States

Launched at the 2016 Resilient Cities congress, ICLEI community of towns, cities and provinces in Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) aims to facilitate collaboration with small island states to help them build capacity and learn about successful resilience practices.  

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