ICLEI Publications

ICLEI serves as an information clearinghouse on local sustainable development by producing newsletters, regional updates on activities, case studies, training guides and fact sheets. We also provide a variety of policy and practice manuals on topics ranging from financing energy efficiency projects to solid waste management to the use of municipal economic instruments to increase environmental performance.

Below are selected publications from our archive. To explore more publications, please visit our Virtual Library.

ICLEI Briefing Sheets 

ICLEI Briefing Sheets are a service of the ICLEI World Secretariat to provide background information on current themes and debates around local and urban sustainable development, the environment and local governance; and other subjects related to ICLEI and ICLEI activities. To browse the complete ICLEI Briefing Sheet series, please click here.


ICLEI Case Studies 

ICLEI Case Studies profile locally-based projects that support sustainability. To browse the complete ICLEI Case Studies series, please click here


ICLEI Global Reports 

The Global Reports delve deeper into the topic or theme and provide a rigorous analysis of the surrounding issues while making innovative proposals for future action.

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