Healthy, Happy and Inclusive Communities

Happy, healthy and inclusive communities look beyond GDP as the primary indicator for development, choosing to prioritize health and happiness for all.

Our Programs

ICLEI values the equal importance of material improvement and good governance. We help cities to initiate, implement and monitor programs on promoting community well-being in the areas of health, sanitation, security, peace and happiness.


ACCESSanitation - Accelerating City-to-City Exchange for Sustainable Sanitation
A three-year project supported by the European Union and coordinated by ICLEI European Secretariat since 2009, the project aims to improve the sanitation situation in 10 selected cities in India and the Philippines by developing local capacity to plan, design and implement sustainable sanitation systems.

Alcohol Harm Minimization Program

A program jointly organized by ICLEI Oceania and local governments in Australia to reduce the impact of alcohol on communities. It includes a best practice guide, a localized base of alcohol-related data, data inventory toolkit and assessment of the hidden costs of alcohol.

'ALoS' (Local Agenda for Security)
An action-training program to support cities to implement action plans for local security, promote peaceful coexistence and strengthen local management.

Cities for Safe and Healthy Communities

An overarching project run by ICLEI Oceania to help cities build their capacity in health and safety, covering the areas of physical activity, housing, substance abuse and climatic change.


Launched by ICLEI East Asia and co-funded by the EU, this ICLEI Europe led initiative attempts to apply policy research on transition and behavioral change to promote just and peaceful communities.

“Justapaz” (Local Agenda for Peace)

A program that supports local governments to understand the construction of peace as a multidimensional and participatory process of economic, social, political and cultural transformation.


Our Tools and Services

ICLEI welcomes the opportunity for collaboration and complementary action that partnerships bring. Over the years we have forged winning partnerships with national governments, international agencies, academic institutions, for profit companies, foundations and non-governmental organizations, and dozens of national, regional, and international associations of local governments. ICLEI offers many opportunities for part


Alcohol harm calculation tool
Developed by ICLEI Oceania, this tool helps cities to calculate how much money they spend on alcohol management and assess the effects of alcohol on local communities.

Index on health and happiness
Drawing on the Kingdom of Bhutan's experience wtih replacing GDP through "Gross national Happiness", the index aims to set cities on the path to stability and safety based on the principles of prevention and long term restructuring.

Training course on Local Agenda for Public Safety

A program on public safety based on the principles of prevention and long term restructuring.

Training courses on safety, health, and justice

Training course on security
A training course developed by ICLEI South America to help cities to implement participatory local security strategies that can be adapted to or adopted in other regional contexts.


Our Advocacy

ICLEI advocates for cities' greater involvement in international decision making processes by representing their interests at major conferences dedicated to human well-being, and working with our global partners including the Government of Bhutan, European Commission, UNEP and UN-Habitat.

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