“Raising Global Level of Ambition Through Local Climate Action”



Friends of Cities at the UNFCCC


  • Essential partnership between Local Governments and Municipal Authorities Constituency (LGMA) and Parties to ensure substantial progress in the recognition, engagement and empowerment of local and subnational governments.


  • The launch of Friends of Cities was inspired by the experience at the Rio+20 and biodiversity processes.
  • Kicked-off in June 2013 and since then regularly have been regularly convening consultation meetings at least once at every official UNFCCC sessions
  • Endorsed by the Local Government Climate Roadmap through Nantes Declaration of Mayors and Subnational Leaders on Climate Change in September 2013
  • Pioneering members are: Mexico, France, Poland, Indonesia, South Africa, Peru, Germany, the Netherlands, Senegal
  • A broader number of Parties attending meetings and staying in close consultations as „Allies" of Friends of Cities.
  • The meetings and flow of communication and dialogue among members and allies of Friends of Cities are facilitated by ICLEI in its capacity as the focal point of Local Governments and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency to the UNFCCC and facilitator of the Local Government Climate Roadmap.


  • Support local and subnational governments in their efforts to have abilities, capacities and resources to implement local climate mitigation and adaptation strategies that contribute to efforts of Parties in raising the level of ambition in pre-2020 period.
  • Promote enabling structures and effective framework conditions for cooperation with local and subnational governments and encourage City-City, City-Region, City-Business-Citizen and multilevel partnerships.

Meet the Friends

A technical paper compiled by ICLEI in March 2015 compiles a compendium of "Good practices in multi-level partnerships in scaling-up climate action" by Friends of Cities based on the publicly available information as listed below.

  • France: National legislation exemplifying awareness through commitment policy action.
  • Indonesia: Climate-proofing cities through multi-level action.
  • Mexico: National legislation with a guiding vision – the General Law on Climate Change.
  • Poland: “Cities Day” at COP19; Greening municipalities through smart finance.
  • South Africa: National long-term roadmaps for municipal climate change response.
  • Peru: Greening municipalities through smart finance.

For further information, reach friendsofcities_unfccc[at]iclei.org