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Resilient Communities and Cities Initiative

   Part of the local agenda 21 initiative that addresses insecurity and vulnerability both in infrastructure and in social institutions. Visit here for more information.


Adaptation Database and Planning Tool (ADAPT)

Run by ICLEI USA, this tool guides cities through ICLEI’s five milestones for climate adaptation. Visit here for more information.


Local government climate adaptation toolkit

Organized according to the Australian government’s adaptive management process, this ICLEI Oceania developed toolkit offers tools to individual councils with specific needs. It should be used alongside the Climate Change Impacts & Risk Management guide from the Australian Government Department of Climate Change. Visit here for more information..


Resilient Cities

Consisting of a range of tools, guidebooks, conferences, seminars and networks, as well as access to financing opportunities, the program offers tailor-made climate resilience strategies to local, regional and national governments. Visit here for more information. 


GreenClimateCities Network

Under the GreenClimateCities initiative, cities join a network of like-minded cities to advance the transformation of local building stock and urban infrastructure in order to become more energy-efficient, low-carbon and resilient. 


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