“Raising Global Level of Ambition Through Local Climate Action”


Timeline of events 2007-2014
Local Governments and Municipal Authorities Constituency (LGMA) at the UNFCCC
Towards an Inclusive and Ambitious Climate Regime Beyond Paris2015: 3-Pillars 10-Proposals To Raise Ambition
Local and Subnational Governments at ADP 2012-2015

Local and Subnational Governments at UNFCCC and Post2015 Development Agenda: Closing the Loop, Connecting the Dots

ADP 2.11, 19-23 October 2015, Bonn, Germany

  • LGMA at ADP2.11

ADP 2.10, 31 August - 4 September 2015, Bonn, Germany

  • LGMA at ADP2.10

    • LGMA Proposals to ADP CoChairs Tool Presented at ADP2.10
    • LPAA Cities and Regions Meeting: 1 September Tuesday, 1000-1300, Hotel Maritim
    • Steering Committee of Lyon Summit Follow-up Meeting: 1 September Tuesday, 1500-1700, ICLEI World Secretariat Conference room
    • ADP Co-Chairs meeting with LGMA Delegation, 1 September Tuesday, 1730-1800,
    • ADP Co-Chairs Special Event with Observers: 2 September Wednesday, 1300-1400
    • LPAA Briefing to Parties on Cities and Subnational Workstream, 3 September, 0930-1030
    • UNFCCC Executive Secretary Briefing Observers, 3 September, 1100-1200
    • Friends of Cities ADP2.10 Consultation, 3 September Thursday, 1400-1500
    • G77/China meeting with Observers, 3 September Thursday, 1530-1700

ADP 2.9 - June2015 - Bonn, Germany

  • Local and Subnational Governments at ADP2.9 and SB42


    ““Recalling para.7 of Dec.1/CP16 adopted at COP16 in Cancun in 2010 that recognizes local and subnational governments as „governmental stakeholders”,

    Further recalling para.5b of Dec.1/CP19 adopted at COP19 in Warsaw in 2013 that recognizes role of cities and subnational authorities in raising pre2020 ambition,

    Parties to the UNFCCC should, as appropriate, seek to engage their local and subnational governments, as appropriate, to achieve the objectives of the Convention and the implementation of the Paris2015 Outcomes, by developing policy tools, guidelines and programmes, providing technical, financial, institutional assistance and/or guidance, as appropriate, to support their national contributions, plans, commitments and actions, in line with other relevant governance arrangements established by their national Governments””

  • UNFCCC Side Events

                     - Video Message of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at ICLEI Seoul World Congress 2015

                    - Welcome Address by Jürgen Nimptsch, Mayor of Bonn, Germany, Member of  ICLEI Global Executive Committee

                     - ICLEI Presentation

                     - Basque Country Presentation                     

ADP 2.8 - February 2015 - Geneva, Switzerland


Technical Examination Process (TEP) meeting:


ADP 2.7 - December 2014 - Lima, Peru



ADP 2.6 - October 2014 - Bonn, Germany


ADP TEM Stocktaking Meeting:

ADP Negotiations:


ADP 2.5 - June 2014 - Bonn, Germany



ADP 2.4 - March 2014 - Bonn, Germany



ADP 2.3 - November 2013 - Warsaw, Poland



ADP 2.2 - April/June 2013 - Bonn, Germany


ADP 1 - May 2012 - Bonn, Germany