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COP22 Low-Emissions Solutions Conference will bring together cities, government and business to scale up climate solutions

WASHINGTON, DC, 5 May 2016 – Cities, business and government will come together to scale up solutions for climate action at COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco, following an announcement on 5 May that four leading organizations will present a Low-Emissions Solutions Conference in order to accelerate the implementation of solutions under the historic Paris Agreement.  The Government of Morocco will host the conference in partnership with UN...



Mayors to G7 leaders: “Make the Paris deal a reality now, embrace renewable energy”

TOYAMA, JAPAN, 12 May 2016 - Mayors from G7 countries are asking their national leaders to be true to their Paris commitments and decidedly speed up and scale up the low-carbon transition.Gathered at a parallel event in Toyama, Japan, where Environment Ministers from G7 countries are discussing sustainable development goals and post-Paris climate agenda, the mayors provided local leaders’ perspective on the direction in which the seven leading...



ICLEI Welcomes the Landmark Paris Agreement of 12 December 2015

PARIS, FRANCE, 12 December 2015 - The unanimously approved Paris Agreement strives to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, with the intent to pursue a 1.5-degree target. Through this Agreement, local and subnational governments are recognized as essential actors in fast tracking transformative action in the urban world. ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability welcomes the landmark commitments of 185 nations to curb the...



Slum dwellers, informal workers, city authorities and the private sector launch new global partnership to promote resilience in informal settlements

PARIS, FRANCE, 8 December 2015 – Over 14 international development partners have come together within a Cities Alliance Joint Work Programme on Resilient Cities to highlight and address the relationship between resilience and poverty in cities. COP21 is a fitting location for the launch of this unique and important partnership. As the world becomes increasingly urban, it is clear that the major resilience and poverty challenges of this century...



Cities and regions push forward and call on national leaders for ambitious climate deal

PARIS, FRANCE, 5 December 2015 - Cities and regions Members of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability call on national governments at COP21 to deliver an ambitious agreement and commit to scale up their effort to make the low-carbon transition happen. This is the message that Park Won Soon, Mayor of Seoul and ICLEI President, brought to the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Day, on the 5th of December. Seoul is one of the most...



Ten global cities present climate action plans ahead of Paris COP21

NEW YORK, USA, 24 September 24 2015 - Today, ten global cities, representing 58 million people and more than US$ 3 trillion GDP, from 5 continents, join first-­‐mover Rio de Janeiro in announcing that they have met all planning and reporting requirements of the Compact of Mayors. In doing so, the cities presented ambitious climate action plans ahead of COP 21 -­‐ the Paris Climate Conference. The cities of Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Copenhagen,...



Rio de Janeiro first fully compliant city in Compact of Mayors, tackles climate change

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, 26 August 2015 – Today, Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes announced his city’s full compliance with the Compact of Mayors, a global coalition of city leaders dedicated to reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, making urban communities more resilient to climate change and regularly reporting their progress publicly. Rio is the first city in the world to reach the Compact compliance milestone. “I am proud that Rio...


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