“Raising Global Level of Ambition Through Local Climate Action”
  • “In this 25 years of global climate regime, there is one overpowering message: no President, Minister, Mayor, CEO or citizen can meet the challenge of climate change alone. If we are to bring down global temperatures, we must step up, scale up, speed up local climate action globally. Together, let’s innovate, integrate, collaborate!”
    Park Won-Soon, Mayor, Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea; Chair, World Mayors Council on Climate Change, at the Climate Summit 2014

  • The "Mexico City Pact" sends a key signal to the negotiations that it can indeed be done, and that millions, if not billions, of people around the world are ready to begin implementing climate change action. Many other cities and local and regional administrations can be inspired to take action and to report to carbonn Cities Climate Registry.“  
    Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary, UN Climate Change Secretariat

  • “Local government is where the rubber hits the road when it comes to responding to the human impacts of climate change. We fully support funding for cities, towns and municipalities for their registered adaptation actions.”
    Margareta Wahlström, The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction, welcoming the Durban Adaptation Charter

  • “The designated central repository of the Compact of Mayors, the carbonn Climate Registry, will enable the compilation of data through existing national, regional, global city reporting platforms. The carbonn Climate Registry represents the ultimate level of our collective efforts.”
    Jürgen Nimptsch, Mayor of Bonn, at the Climate Summit 2014


About the Local Government Climate Roadmap

Recognize. Engage. Empower.

The Local Government Climate Roadmap, a broad coalition of local government networks in response to the Bali Action Plan, aims to ensure that a strong and ambitious global climate regime is designed and implemented in the post-2015 period. Under this regime, local and subnational governments are fully recognized, engaged and empowered.

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News Archive



People's Climate, Mayors Commit: ICLEI joins citizens and activists calling for climate action

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability will take part in the People's Climate March on 21 September 2014. A delegation of mayors from pioneering cities will be participating to the march in New York and in cities globally. [BONN, 19 September 2014] Happening on 21 September in New York and globally, the People's Climate March is on its way to becoming the largest and most diverse mobilization for climate action in history. To show their...



Global Protocol for Community-Scale GHG Emissions (GPC) to enter public reviewing phase

While the league of climate change experts convened at this year’s Bonn Climate Change Conference preparing the next Climate Conference of the Parties (COP) in Lima, Peru this year and Paris, France next year, the GPC Advisory Committee used as well the chance to come together for a meeting in Bonn on the 11 June. The "Global Protocol for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GPC)" offers a methodology to help cities and local...



Cities blaze the trail for a livable, carbon-neutral world

Local and subnational governments have a prominent role in addressing climate change. A clarion call for their greater empowerment in a new climate agreement expected as an outcome of the Paris Conference of the Parties in 2015 was sounded at the recently concluded UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, Germany. Two key mechanisms were created to explore this role in the framework of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced...



Climate action transparency key to trustworthiness

New carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR) report reveals that global voluntary reporting of local climate action triggers trustworthiness, access to finance and citizen engagement



Urban areas most at risk from Climate Change

Bonn, Germany, 29 May 2014: Cities account for 37–49% of global greenhouse gas emissions and urban infrastructure accounts for over 70% of global energy use. This is just one of the facts found in the “Climate Change: Implications for Cities - Key Findings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report (Cities Summary) – drawing attention to the need for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Cities Summary is...



Network of Mayors and Local elected officials provide policy recommendations for White House climate efforts

DES MOINES, IA – May 14, 2014 – Members of President Obama’s State, Local and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience convened earlier today in Des Moines, IA, where they received a report of federal policy recommendations from a network of 170+ mayors and local officials. The report calls for modernizing federal emergency management and infrastructure programs to help communities better prepare for extreme weather and...



Key developments in the Local Government Climate Roadmap

The end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 have seen some highly interesting developments impacting on the Local Government Climate Roadmap. ICLEI, is the Roadmap facilitator and focal point of the Local Government and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) constituency to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). In this capacity it shares local government perspectives and raises city relevant issues in the climate negotiations. For...



Cape Town recognized as champion of local climate action

For the first time in the history of the Earth Hour City Challenge, a city from an emerging country is recognized for its leadership in accelerating local climate action. On March 28, Cape Town, South Africa was awarded the title of Global Earth Hour Capital at the award ceremony of the 2014 Earth Hour City Challenge in Vancoucer. The city of Cape Town was selected by an international jury of experts among 163 cities from 14 countries. Cape...



Green growth best practices - first ever global assessment

The Green Growth Best Practice (GGBP) initiative released a summary report in March 2014, as a synthesis of key findings from the review of green growth approaches taken in different countries and regions around the world.



200 European cities and regions call for more ambitious EU climate and energy targets

At a crucial time for European climate policy, 200 European cities and regions are backing a call for action supporting more ambitious and binding climate and energy targets, ensuring that future generations are safeguarded against the worst effects of climate change. Spearheaded by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and WWF, the call is timely and directed towards the European Union, which is engaged in discussions regarding the EU...



ICLEI meets with UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change

Representing over 1,000 local governments worldwide, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability met with UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change Michael Bloomberg on 7 March 2014 in New York to discuss opportunities for further engaging local and subnational governments in the global efforts on climate change.



UN Secretary General appoints Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced on 31 January 2014 the appointment of Michael Bloomberg of the United States as his Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change.



Warsaw lays down the path for engaging local and subnational governments in Paris 2015 outcomes

At the recently concluded UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw (COP19/CMP9), countries have decided to advance the engagement of local governments in the global climate regime. The decisions include (1) facilitating the exchange of experiences and best practices between cities and subnational authorities in identifying and implementing opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change, and...



ICLEI Mayors discuss with Ban Ki-Moon and ministers multi-level climate actions and support

Emphasizing the shared responsibility of all levels of governments in tackling climate change, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon turned to cities and local governments as ultimate implementers of climate action. “Cities are central in tackling climate change. They are proving grounds for our efforts in ensuring a low carbon future that benefits people and the planet”, stressed Ban Ki Moon. Organized with the UNFCCC Secretariat, the “COP...



UN Climate Talks go local: First ever “Cities Day” to raise the bar of climate ambition through local action

21 November marks a monumental day for cities and regions as they gather for the first ever “Cities Day” at the ongoing UN Warsaw Climate Conference (COP19/CMP9). A joint initiative of the COP Presidency, the UNFCCC Secretariat, the City of Warsaw, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability and partners, the “Cities Day” bundles a series of city-focused events that will showcase and spark local climate action.



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