ICLEI World Congress 2018

Montréal, Canada / 19-22 June 2018

ICLEI World Congress 2018 will be hosted by the Ville de Montréal, Canada.

Every three years, ICLEI holds its World Congress to showcase how local and regional governments across our network are advancing sustainable urban development worldwide. The ICLEI World Congress connects them with their peers and strategic partners, and provides a platform for discussions that will inform and enhance their work.

At the ICLEI World Congress, hundreds of local, regional and national governments, international agencies, representatives of the private sector, academics and researchers, community groups and other partners from around the world will come together to steer the global sustainable development agenda by strengthening action taken in urban areas worldwide.

To learn more and register, visit worldcongress2018.iclei.org

Sustainability in Montréal

As a Québec metropolis and a major Canadian city, Montréal is a major hub of innovation and knowledge, distinguished by its contagious joie de vivre and vibrant mix of cultures and languages.

After having established itself as a leader in sustainable development thanks to determined governance, exemplary sustainability policies and transferable initiatives, the Ville de Montréal has been selected to host the ICLEI World Congress in 2018.

In addition to having set the ambitious goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, Montréal is committed to ensuring universal access to its infrastructure and services. The French-speaking metropolis of the Americas has also incorporated the principles of sustainable development into all its activities, projects and policies, while encouraging its partners to do the same.

As host city of the Congress, Montréal will provide an international platform to showcase the innovative potential of sustainable development at the local level.


The ICLEI World Congress Series

Previous ICLEI World Congress host cities:

  • Seoul, Republic of Korea (2015)
  • Belo Horizonte, Brazil (2012)
  • Edmonton, Canada (2009)
  • Cape Town, South Africa (2006)
  • Athens, Greece (2003)
  • Dessau, Germany (2000)
  • Saitama, Japan (1995)
  • Toronto, Canada (1992)
  • Founding congress in New York City, U.S.A (1990)

ICLEI World Congress Reports

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