Non-Party Stakeholders Invited to Endorse Paris Pledge for Action

16 December 2015, Bonn - L'Appel de Paris (Paris Pledge for Action) is an initiative of the COP21 French Presidency to mobilize businesses, regions, cities, and investors to join and vow to act on the outcomes of the Paris UN Climate Change Agreement.

The Paris Agreement, adopted by nations at the UN Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21) on 12 December 2015, strives to limit global warming to well below 2°C, with the intent to pursue a 1.5°C target.

Paragraph 15 of the preamble of the Paris Agreement recognizes the importance of the engagements of all levels of government and various actors.

Paragraph 15 of the preamble of the COP21 Decision that supports the Paris Agreement also agrees to uphold and promote regional and international cooperation in order to mobilize stronger and more ambitious climate action by all Parties and non-Party stakeholders, including civil society, the private sector, financial institutions, cities and other subnational authorities, local communities and indigenous peoples.

The COP21 Decision further envisages active engagement of Non-Party Stakeholders as appropriate, including through the technical examination processes on mitigation and adaptation and high-level events of the COP Presidencies. They are also invited to scale up their efforts and supporting actions to reduce emissions and/or build resilience and decrease vulnerability to the adverse effects of climate change, demonstrating these efforts via the Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) Platform.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) is among the pioneering organizations that endorsed the Paris Pledge for Action.

“ICLEI welcomes the Paris Agreement as it opens the door for all Non-Party stakeholders through the engagement of all levels of governments and non-state actors, provides a basis for transformation and paves the way for greater ambitions. This is why ICLEI also endorses the Paris Pledge for Action. The success of this regime relies heavily on rapid mobilization of each and every individual and organization for ambitious climate action.” said Gino Van Begin, ICLEI Secretary General.

The Paris Pledge for Action fulfills ICLEI’s vision laid out in the ICLEI Declaration to Ministers at COP21 adopted at the ICLEI Council and Global Executive Committee on 6 December 2015.

The Paris City Hall Declaration, adopted at the Climate Summit for Local Leaders on 4 December 2015 in which ICLEI contributed as one of the partners, also acknowledges the support for a COP21 Paris Pledge for Action.

As part of its support, ICLEI is encouraging its members around the globe to sign the Paris Pledge for Action. ICLEI further works with its members to increase their levels of ambition by committing to the Compact of Mayors and to enhance their climate information reporting in the carbonn Climate Registry, which has been the first cities and regions data partner of the NAZCA Platform since its launch in December 2014.

ICLEI has also supported the UNFCCC Secretariat and the COP21 Presidency in outreach for the Paris Pledge for Action to networks gathered under the Local Governments and Municipal Authorities Constituency (LGMA), pursuant to its role as the focal point and as the facilitator of the Local Government Climate Roadmap (LGCR).

Throughout the two weeks of COP21, ICLEI co-hosted the Cities & Regions Pavilion at the Climate Generations Areas, together with City of Paris and Bristol. Further, ICLEI supported the Climate Summit for Local Leaders convened at Paris City Hall on 4 December, and engaged with the negotiations of the Paris Agreement as an accredited observer but also as LGMA Focal Point and facilitator of the Local Government Climate Roadmap – working diligently with other city networks in representing local climate interests and action towards the nations and their UN partners.

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