Panel Discussion with Tau Parks, Mayor of Johannesburg, Abdoulaye Sene, former President of the Fatick Region, Senegal, Park Won-soon, Mayor, Seoul, South Korea and Edmund Brown Jr, Governor of California, USA

Mayor Park Won Soon Delivers ICLEI Commitment at the High Level Action Day

Over the weekend, the ICLEI Declaration to the Ministers at COP21 was unanimously adopted at the Joint Meeting of ICLEI Council and ICLEI Global Executive Committee at Paris City Hall. Building on the Seoul Declaration and Strategy 2015-2021, ICLEI committed to scale up local climate action, mobilize political commitment and action towards a climate-friendly human development, facilitate transparency and accountability in municipal actions and empower and advocate transformative climate action.

Park Won Soon, Mayor of Seoul and President of ICLEI delivered this commitment at the High Level Action Day at COP21 on 5 December. Mayor Park reminded cities across the world to think globally and act locally in the path toward sustainability, following the commitments set forth in the ICLEI Declaration and the example of Seoul as a pioneer of sustainability. To read Mayor Park's full intervention, please click here.

In his remarks, Mayor Park demonstrated that Seoul leads by example. The city has established an ambitious goal of reducing 10 million tons of carbon by 2020 as part of the Promise of Seoul, announced at ICLEI World Congress in Seoul this past April. Mayor Park also reported on the success of the One Less Nuclear Power Plant project, which is transforming energy consumption in the city. Fourteen months after launching the initiative, Seoul reduced energy consumption by an amount equivalent to one nuclear power plant and will continue this momentum by launching the second phase of the project.

Mayor Park called on other cities to mobilize for sustainable action, announcing his commitment as ICLEI President, to lead ICLEI Members through the GreenClimateCities Program and other initiatives such as Compact of Mayors and to mobilize more local and subnational governments to expand the reach of the ICLEI global network.

Park concluded his remarks with a strong call to action: “We can overcome the climate change crisis that we are facing, by enhancing connections between the cities. We need to end the time of plenty and start the time of saving. If we walk together, a new path will open, and if we dream together, the dream will come true. Let's walk together the path to turn crisis into an opportunity.”

The words and actions by Mayor Park and the City of Seoul echo the message behind the ICLEI Declaration, with respect to the commitments as well as the messages it it conveys to international negotiators.

Through the Declaration, ICLEI urges Parties to end the legacy of a fossil fuel-dependent era, transform development models to be based upon 100 percent renewable energy and circular economy, develop innovative governance models andmobilize additional resources for climate change mitigation, adaptation and loss-and-damage.

Finally, through the Declaration, the ICLEI Global Executive Committee and Council members, endorse the Paris City Hall Declaration of the Climate Summit for Local Leaders and the Paris Action Statement of Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA) Cities and Subnational Working Group.

Additional Information

ICLEI Declaration: www.iclei.org/fileadmin/user_upload/ICLEI_WS/Documents/events/COP21/ICLEI_Declaration_to_Ministers_at_COP21.pdf

Recording of the Action Day Event: unfccc6.meta-fusion.com/cop21/events/2015-12-05-13-00-action-day-session-2

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