Register your local climate commitments before COP21!

ICLEI calls on all cities, towns, states and regions around the globe to report their climate commitments – on mitigation (or low emission development) and adaptation – in the carbonn® Climate Registry (cCR). With just two weeks to go to the international climate negotiations at COP21 in Paris, now is a crucial time to make your voice heard and to have your commitments recognized.

The cCR is a freely accessible reporting platform, created for and with the support of local and subnational entities. Currently, 568 entities from 57 countries are reporting their climate action in the cCR. In the latest cCR report, their commitments amounted to 1Gt of greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2020, demonstrating the power and potential of local climate action.

The cCR was the first data provider of the UNFCCC NAZCA platform, which was designed to show national governments the climate commitments, actions and performance of cities, towns and regions around the globe. The cCR is also a reporting platform for the Compact of Mayors – the world’s largest coalition of city leaders addressing climate change by pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, tracking their progress and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

Through the cCR, you are invited to pool and showcase what you are doing, highlighting your leadership and proving that the ambitious local climate action we require is already underway. You can also flag where you need financing of specific actions. We will follow up to include you in the Transformative Actions Program (TAP) project pipeline for 2016. We will also use the collected commitments to provide a strong collective argument at the COP21, in our capacity as focal point of the Local Government and Municipal Authorities (LGMA) Constituency.

The new carbonn Climate Registry Report will list by name all reporting jurisdictions to recognize their leadership. The report will be released on December 4th 2015.

At the COP 21? Then join us at the Cities & Regions Pavilion – TAP2015

You are also warmly invited to join us and many other partners at the Cities & Regions Pavilion - TAP2015, in the publicly accessible Le Bourget area at COP 21 in Paris, France. An exciting two-week program for cities and regions has been developed to showcase great actions and commitments. Do you want to know about current discussions on 100% Renewable Energy and whether this is feasible? Or do you wish to explore modern sustainable energy systems in buildings and districts? The Cities & Regions Pavilion - TAP2015 is the place to be, explore and network.

For more information

On the TAP: tap-potential.org
On the Cities & Regions Pavilion – TAP2015: www.cities-and-regions.org
On reporting, please get in touch with the carbonn Team at: carbonn@iclei.org 

Watch an introductory video for the cCR:

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