ICLEI Korea Annual Assembly 2018

ICLEI Korea Members adopt the 2018-2020 ICLEI Seven Pledges for Local Sustainability

At the ICLEI Korea Annual Assembly on 30 January 2018, ICLEI Korea Members came together to adopt the 2018-2020 ICLEI Seven Pledges for Local Sustainability.

These seven pledges are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to bring Korean cities towards a more sustainable future.

More than 100 political leaders, public officers, civil societies and research institutes participated in the Annual Assembly including special guests such as Mayor of Ulsan Metropolitan City, Mayor of Suwon City (Mayor Taeyoung YEOM), Chief of Ansan Environmental Foundation (Mr. Yonkwan SHIN), and Professor Marc Wolfram from Sungkyunkwan University.

Each year, the ICLEI Korea Annual Assembly brings key global agendas to the local level, tackling critical urban problems and strengthening the foundation for sustainable local growth. Through the Assembly, several events have been organized for public officers such as a Study Tour in Taehwa River Seepri(4km) Bamboo Grove, Ulsan City and a special session to exchange local policies among ICLEI Korea Members.

This year, a recurring theme at the Assembly was local and international leadership on sustainability. Mayor YEOM from Suwon City encouraged local leaders to show transformative urban leadership at the local level but also to share their stories with the world. “Through ICLEI’s strong global networks, we should share this incredible growth with international societies.”

2018-2020 ICLEI Seven Pledges for Local Sustainability

1. We will make our cities sustainable.
2. We will make our cities inclusive.
3. We will tackle climate change and spearhead energy transformations in our cities.
4. We will make our cities resilient.
5. We will protect and promote nature in our cities.
6. We will promote sustainable transport in our cities.
7. We will transition our cities towards sustainable, circular economies.

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