ICLEI governance bodies

2018 brings in new leadership across the ICLEI Network

From Oceania to Africa, ICLEI Members have elected new leadership across each of the nine ICLEI regions

A total of 49 leaders have been selected to represent their regions through what ICLEI calls Regional Executive Committees – or RexComs – which function as regional policymaking bodies.

The RexCom elections for the 2018-2021 term opened in June 2017 across all nine ICLEI regions. All eligible ICLEI Members were invited to participate and elect their regional representatives across the organization.

The mayors and local government representatives elected to these bodies are driving action on climate and sustainability in their communities. They will first meet in Montréal at the ICLEI World Congress 2018 this June to shape the direction ICLEI takes in driving the global sustainability agenda through local action worldwide.

The election process embodies the fact that local and regional governments drive ICLEI. ICLEI Members elect RexComs every three years. Each RexCom then elects the members of the Global Executive Committee, which represents the network at the global level, often through their engagement with international institutions.

These regional and global bodies constitute the ICLEI Council, the full democratic representation of ICLEI’s global Membership. 

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