33 Brazilian cities are joining the broadest global alliance committed to climate leadership

Thirty-three Brazilian cities announced they are joining the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, in a movement that connects them to international sustainability discussions and promotes engagement of local leaders in actions to fight climate change.

The collective announcement was made during the 72nd General Meeting of the National Front of Mayors, at Sebrae Recife, between the 27th and 29th of november. The mobilization for the signatures counted on the leadership of the mayor of Recife, Geraldo Julio, and the strong support of cities' networks such as ICLEI South America, National Front of Mayors and CB27 Forum, which engages environment secretaries from all 27 brazilian capitals.

Fifteen mayors present at the event joined or renewed their commitment to this international alliance of cities for climate, by signing their commitment letters. Another 17 mayors sent their signed letters of commitment and were represented at the time of the event. Among the cities that participated in the announcement, 23 capitals are part of this movement, which in practice translates into a voluntary commitment to plan and act in the territory with the aim of reducing emissions, adapting to climate change and promoting access to sustainable energy.

Mayor Geraldo Julio, a member of ICLEI South America's Regional Executive Committee, emphasized the importance of municipalities approaching the discussion and taking advantage of opportunities related to the agenda: "In our big cities, the biggest sources of greenhouse gases emissions are mobility and waste, which are issues addressed by cities. The Federal Government has been discussing at COPs at the UN, but it is important that municipalities can participate in this debate and access resources that are made available by international bodies for climate change. So this document today is important, because it inserts Brazilian municipalities in this discussion and that cities need to change their ways of functioning to ensure a more sustainable development".

The Executive Secretary of ICLEI in South America, Rodrigo Perpétuo, commented on the importance of this initiative: "What happened here was the integration of mayors of the National Front with this international movement, and this convergence means the strengthening of local power before International Agencies. Both those of the UN, that determine and give the political guidelines that later are incorporated in the respective countries, and the financial institutions, major international banks, so that municipalities can access resources that really make a difference in the implementation of public policies".

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) was launched on 22 March 2017 as the result of the merger between the EU Covenant of Mayors and the Compact of Mayors. The alliance emphasizes the importance of climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience, as well as increasing access to sustainable, affordable and clean energy. The initiative reinforces the fact that mayors and local leaders are a leading force in tackling climate change and their cities and towns are making strides to scale up their efforts. 

The GCoM supports ambitious, relevant solutions that are locally implemented and globally impactful. The role of city networks such as ICLEI is to support their committed members, offering technical assistance and guiding reporting on the carbonn Climate Registry (cCR). The GCoM Board comprises nine pioneering mayors, each of whom represents an active ICLEI Member. 

Below is the complete list of Mayors who announced their commitment:

Mayors present at the signature ceremony:

1. Edvaldo Nogueira Filho, from Aracaju (SE)
2. Jonas Donizette, from Campinas (SP)
3. Francis Maris Cruz, from Cárceres (MT)
4. Geraldo Luzia de Oliveira Junior, from Cariacica (ES)
5. Maurílio Guimarães, from Curvelo (MG)
6. Gustavo Reis, from Jaguariúna (SP)
7. Mário Ricardo, from Igarassu (PE)
8. Clécio Vieira, from Macapá (AP)
9. Rodrigo Neves Barreto, from Niterói (RJ)
10. Carlos Amastha, from Palmas (TO)
11. Nelson Bugalho, from Presidente Prudente (SP)
12. Geraldo Júlio, from Recife (PE)
13. Deputy Mayor Antônio Júlio Gomes Pinheiro, from São Luis (MA)
14. Paulo Piau, from Uberaba (MG)
15. Luciano Rezende, from Vitória (ES)

Mayors who sent signed letters of commitment and were represented at the event:

1. Zenaldo Coutinho, from Belém (PA) represented by Fábio Atanásio, Secretary of Institutional Relations and Projects;
2. Alexandre Kalil, from Belo Horizonte (MG), represented by Sérgio Gomes, Chief of Staff of the Secretary of Environment;
3. Teresa Surita, from Boa Vista (RR), represented by Ícaro Costa, Deputy Municipal Secretary for Public Services and Environment;
4. Rodrigo Rollemberg, from Distrito Federal State Government (DF), represented by Carcius Azevedo dos Santos, then Secretary of Environment;
5. Marcos Marcellos Trad, from Campo Grande (MS), represented by José Marcos da Fonseca, Municipal Secretary for Environment and Urban Development
6. Luiz Carlos Busato, from Canoas (RS)
7. Rafael Greca, from Curitiba (PR), represented by Dâmaris da Silva Seraphim, Advisor at the Municipal Environment Secretariat;
8. Gean Marques Loureiro, from Florianópolis (SC), represented by Nelson Gomes Mattos Júnior, Municipal Secretary of Environment, Planning and Urban Development;
9. Roberto Cláudio Rodrigues Bezerra, from Fortaleza (CE), represented by Edilene Oliveira, Coordination of Environmental Policies of the Municipal Department of Urbanism and Environment;
10. Iris Rezende Machado, from Goiânia (GO), represented by Patrícia Alencar, Fiscal Auditor of the Municipal Environment Agency;
11. Luciano Cartaxo, from João Pessoa (PB), represented by Abelardo Jurema Neto, Municipal Secretary of Environment;
12. Rui Palmeira, from Maceió (AL), represented by Gustavo Acioli Torres, Municipal Secretary for Sustainable Development;
13. Arthur Virgílio do Carmo Ribeiro Neto, from Manaus (AM);
14. Carlos Eduardo Nunes Alves, from Natal (RN);
15. Nelson Marchezan Jr., from Porto Alegre (RS), represented by Carlos Siegle de Souza, Municipal Secretary of Institutional Relations
16. Hildon Chaves, from Porto Velho (RO), represented by Yaylley Jezini, Executive Secretary for Environment and Sustainable Development
17. Marcelo Crivella, from Rio de Janeiro (RJ), represented by José Miguel Pacheco, Manager of Climate Change and Sustainable Development of the Municipal Secretariat of Environment and Conservation
18. Antonio Carlos de Magalhães Neto, from Salvador (BA), represented by André Fraga, Municipal Secretary of Sustainable City and Innovation

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