ICLEI Secretary General Gino Van Begin signs the agreement together with the CEO of the Siemens Infrastructure & Cities Sector Roland Busch.

ICLEI and Siemens collaborate to advance sustainable urban infrastructure globally

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and Siemens announced a partnership to advance sustainable infrastructure solutions in cities worldwide.

This strategic and technical partnership between ICLEI – the leading cities
network and Siemens – a leading technology provider will integrate  urban development and urban infrastructure projects. It will bring together  ICLEI’s expertise in governance, policies and urban management processes and Siemens’ cutting-edge smart technologies on urban infrastructure. 

Tackling the twin challenges of rapid urbanization and climate change, ICLEI
and Siemens will work together in the areas of low carbon urban development,
adaptation and resilience planning of urban infrastructures, urban transport
and mobility, smart city concepts including energy generation and smart
grids, sustainable procurement and innovation, and commercial and industrial
building development.

Globally, cities have to build as much infrastructure in the next 40 years as they  have in the past 4,000 years. This already immense challenge is compounded  by incidences of rapid urbanization and climate change. Our partnership with  Siemens will help guarantee that cities are provided with the solutions required  to ensure that the infrastructure they now build are efficient, resilient and  sustainable, ” remarked ICLEI Secretary General Gino Van Begin.

The partnership also galvanizes the much-needed bond between cities and the
private providers of urban solutions, with ICLEI serving as the link. “Currently
there is a mismatch between the demands of the cities and the solutions
available in the market. By leveraging the knowledge of ICLEI and Siemens
experts, we hope to close that gap, especially in the urban infrastructure sector
”, added Van Begin.

In the upcoming months, ICLEI and Siemens will jointly roll out specific activities,
initiatives, and programmes – all in support of sustainable cities and sustainable
infrastructure solutions worldwide.

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